City of Williamsburg, VA

The Work under this Project consisted of replacement of boardwalk, including new steps at the west end, removal of the existing kayak dock and storage racks, and replacement of the bulkhead along the beach over to the existing bridge; relocation of the existing floating dock to include installation of a new access ramp, and replacement of all timber decking; removal of the existing fixed dock and placement of a new floating dock, to include a new access ramp; construction of a new concrete boat ramp, with timber convenience boat dock; construction of a new timber kayak dock and launching ramp at the location of the existing kayak dock; construction of a new timber fishing pier, with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) provisions for fishing and lighting; construction of a new floating kayak dock with adjacent floating dock for kayak storage racks; construction of new kayak storage racks; and construction of new canoe racks at the beach area at the east end of the boardwalk.